Compare stores

Analyze and compare counting data of stores and compare patterns, conversion rates, costs, revenue and profit. Which store performs best? Every store with a Solva counting system installed sends data to the headquarters where it will be processed into clear reports. By obtaining a clear view of all store performances, you will be able to see bottlenecks and top performances in a glance. Crucial information from counting data provides insights in conversion (why did the conversion rate decrease?) and provides custom made solutions to optimize the conversion. Imagine how a conversion increase of 1% for all 10 stores will influence your revenue.

Compare weeks / days / hours

Why was it so busy last Thursday morning? Is it always this busy on Thursday morning? How many staff do we have on Thursday morning and what is the conversion rate on Thursday morning? And what about Thursday afternoon? Not only weeks or days are important, even hours can make a difference.

Compare personnel teams

Why did the Tuesday team achieve more compared to the Wednesday team? Why did store X obtain 3% more in sales compared to Store Y, despite the fact that store X has less staff? You can compare personnel teams in various ways. By involving your staff in the counting data and conversions, you can use it as an incentive for your personnel. Make your staff teams competitive and let them help you increasing revenue.

Compare marketing & advertising campaigns

The number of sales during and after a marketing or advertising campaign provides a rough indication about the success of a campaign, but using a counting system you know how successful the campaign really was. Compare campaigns easily in order to obtain deep insights in your campaigns. Why did the first campaign have a lower conversion compared to the other, despite the fact that they were almost identical?