Conversion Process

How to achieve my best conversionratio? How to influence my revenue? What business processes are good and what to be improved?  Check out all hands on solutions for instantly better results…:

People counting

Visitors passing by stands at exhibition

Counting people can be applicable in many ways and circumstances. By counting your visitors or customers, you are able to get more insights in your revenue, make predictions and make better decisions.

People tracking

Improving the layout of your store or building starts with tracking visitors. In which directions are they walking? Why do certain areas in the building attract so many people? Get to know more about your visitors.

People profiling

By profiling your visitors and customers you are able to deploy marketing activities more precisely and offer gender and/or age targeted messages, customized for your visitor or customer. Moreover, you will get more overall insights in the age and gender of your visitors and customers.

People tactics

How can I use the data of my visitors or customers to make better decisions? How can I improve my business processes? Solva takes you to the necessary steps further in the process. With extensive reporting and personal advice you will be able to get the most out of your solutions.