Efficient building use

Saving facility costs

The main reason to count in buildings is saving on facility costs. Solva counting systems can be installed on every location and building, every floor can be integrated with existing smart building software. By knowing how the building is used by visitors, it will be easy to make an efficient staff planning, reduce energy costs and obtain occupancy insights.

Toilet use & cleaning times

Tracking toilet use is essential information efficient managing of the cleaning team. Without counting, the cleaning team will be managed based on estimates. By using counting technology, you really know how often toilets are used in the building. Adjust the cleaning schedule using counting data, save costs and work more efficient.

Energy saving & occupancy level

Heating and lighting are high energy costs. Unnecessary heating and lighting the building will increase unnecessary costs. Solva counting systems help you with real-time monitoring the building occupancy level and provide a more efficient energy use. Is nobody present at the 3rd floor? Lighting and heating should be turned off.