3. Software

We have stores with POS systems from a particular supplier. Can you read this data with your software?

We have automatic software connections with a number of POS suppliers, but our software is able to connect to virtually every POS software available.

2. Implementation

We have store across the country / across Europe. How do you guarantee your service?

Our team of technicians run daily across the country. Outside the Netherlands we have certified technicians in every European country, who are available 5 days a week. In the unlikely event that one of your stores is affected by a fault in our equipment, we have technicians ready for you within a few days.

We have ‘shop-in-shop’concepts, but still want to know how many visitors we have. Can you measure this?

In practice it is often very difficult to realize this. The many entrances in combination with racks make horizontal techniques often impossible. Systems with ceiling mounting are often a good alternative, but can be quite expensive due higher costs.

I do not only want to measure what happens in my shop, but also how many people walk past my shop. Can you measure this?

Yes, that is possible. We have various systems in order to do this, and the technique often depends on the situation. Narrow shopping streets or large open squares require a different approach. The obtained KPIs is called the ‘Peel Off Ratio’, which is the percentage between passers-by and visitors.

1. Endless Possibilities

Do you provide branch figures such as indexes?

We supply and install people counter systems for our customers. The collected data is not ours and we cannot under any circumstances obtain this data. We’re in talks with several real estate companies to launch a notional shopping index. As only party in the Netherlands, we are able to do so because of our install base.

We have very small shops where staff enter and leave through the front door. This affects the counting and eventually creates conversion errors. Can I prevent this?

There are some possible techniques to prevent this, but the practise teaches us that trends are very well measurable. If your staff always behaves consistently, you can distil these trends from the data. If you wish to no avail that staff will be counted, we can provide other solutions.

4. Hardware

What is the accuracy of your counting systems?

We apply the maxim +/- 10%. In practice it appears that we are consistently around 2 to 3% deviation. The accuracy is dependent on the technique used. Busy and wide entrances will be usually provided with stereo scopic cameras (passers > 2500 p/h).

What is the lifespan of your systems?

We have developed our first systems at a minimum lifespan of 10 years. However, a customer of Solva has many shops equipped with our first systems for more than 17 years ago and it is still running flawlessly! The new generation systems if completely solid state and we expect to achieve an even higher life where we use 15 years as a minimum.

What makes the difference between bi-directional and not bi-directional measuring?

In general, there are three reasons to measure bi-directional:
1) Determine average dwell time
2) Determine current conversion (only people going out can be included in a conversion calculation)
3) to maintain the quality of your counting system. IN and OUT going visitors should be roughly the same.

Do you also provide wireless systems?

We have several wireless systems, but don’t recommend these wireless systems in every situation. As a supplier, we are happy to explain our long term vision. Battery-powered systems are getting better, but batteries have to be replaced sooner or later. The initial installation costs are eventually quite expensive if you have to replace batteries on a regular basis.

Can your systems also serve as security during closing times of my store?

We have software that makes allows to detect movements in the night. Also, the software sends text messages or emails of these movements to the user. Camera images can’t be stores, as it is not permitted under the law of privacy.

I would like to provide a number of stores with people counters, but I would like to use cameras. Do you provide this?

We are happy to provide more information about the possibilities. If you do not want sensors under no circumstances in or on the window frames, we can offer various overhead cameras. Especially for retail environments, infrared solutions are most appropriate if only visitors should be quantified.