Fitting rooms

Conversion visitor vs people who fit

How efficient are my fitting rooms? How many times are they used per week, per day or per hour? How many customers actually buy after fitting? Dressing rooms have more influence on purchases than most retailers think. In most cases, customers buy after they tried on shoes or clothing. In other words, you lose money if customers don’t fit or are not able to fit products. With Solva Dressing Room you will get a deep insight in the use of your dressing rooms. This valuable information helps you improve the efficiency of dressing rooms, shorten queues and gives more visitors the opportunity to fit. More happy customers in the dressing room = more revenue!


Customers don’t like waiting. Customers waiting in queues in front of dressing rooms get frustrated and result in decreasing sales. Solva Dressing Room is able to accurately measure queues in front of dressing rooms. It will be clear what the peak hours are, how many people are waiting in queues on average and which effect changes in personnel or store have on queues. Solva Software calculates the average waiting time and average number of customers in queue for each dressing room separately. This allows you to improve your service and minimize queues.