Footfall and passersby

Stopping power window

What is the effect of my windows? How many passerby and pedestrians does my store attract? Measuring the effectiveness of your windows will be easy using a Solva counting solution. By using a Solva counting system, you will be able to count footfall, pedestrians on the street, passersby and people in your store. With this data, the Solva Software will calculate the stopping power of each window. By comparing data from multiple windows or previous windows, you will be able to see which window is successful and which one wasn’t.

Stopping power promotional display

Do you have a promotional display outside and want to measure it effectiveness? Measure the stopping power by counting pedestrians and footfall. By changing the display you can measure the effect and compare different displays.

Determine the rental price

A Solva counting solution can be the ideal tool to determine to the rental price of a store or building. By counting all footfall and passerby, one gets and insight into the total traffic a building or store attracts. More passersby could mean higher rental prices. Without counting it would be difficult to determine. Rental prices can also be determined based on the total sales from the past, but what if the entrepreneur was the reason for low revenue?

Influences external factors

What influence do parking costs have on the number of passersby? What influence does the weather have on the total amount of people passing our store? What happens with the number of footfall when a fair is organized? The number of passersby often depends on external factors, factors you can’t influence yourself. By using a Solva counting solution, you can always measure all influences and predict the number of passersby in the future.