We count on: You!

SOLVA works with select partners to develop industry-focused solutions to meet the needs of different sectors. In addition, we co-market solutions through branding, awareness, and lead-generation activities.

SOLVA empowers leading companies – across a broad range of industries – to quickly solve these and other critical business challenges by giving them complete control over the internal business processes and allowing collaboration within the entire supply chain

Are you offering and developing industry-focused solutions and willing to completely satisfy the needs of you customer? Do you have your own solutions or do you want to broaden your offer? Selfproducing and considering partly or completely  buying? We look for market leaders in our fields together with whom we can co-market solutions through branding, awareness, and lead-generation activities.

partner program

SOLVAs ability to develop and deliver solutions and services that meet customer needs depends on the success of its partners. The SOLVA Partner Program helps to ensure an environment of creativity, collaboration, and continuous learning that benefits SOLVA, its partners, and our mutual customers.
Our Partner Program is there to join forces to stimulate collaboration, creativity  and continuous learning to benefit all partners and mutual customers.

In our Partner Program consists we have of a repository of guidelines, blueprints, templates and best practices for development and implementation of BPM-based solutions.  This methodology helps partners to achieve business goals more quickly, increase developer efficiency and reduce training costs. Key aspects of the SOLVA Partner Program include the following:

Very valuable parta of our partner program are:

  • delivery of almost all known sensors and software for you to offer the best branded solution
  • a branded portal where you can find and (let) download all branded information, efficient marketapproach, software, cases and other tools to inform and help your customers to implement successfully!

And for your team:

marketing & sales support

SOLVA offers a broad array of marketing tools and resources to help you generate demand and promote solutions to customers in the most effective way possible. With the SOLVA Partnerportal, you have 24/7 access to a full range of marketing tools, including sales and technical presentations, presales demos, product snapshots, campaign materials, analyst reports, whitepapers and other materials.

SOLVA is a well-recognized brand in the market and synonymous with industry leading software solutions. Benefit either from the reputation of the brand and leverage its impact by showing your


As SOLVA partner, you will be certified to get thorough knowledge and skills. This allows you to fully support your customers at all aspects in any market you will get active in with SOLVA products.  This certification offers you:

  • highlevel understanding of the customerprocesses
  • Lining up your Support- and (after) Salesforce
  • the power to offer, install- an support high-tech and powerfull solutions
  • access to a solid Pan European service and support network

to allow delivery of the highest Pan European service and quality  that can be promised.


A well-balanced training and certification program is available to ensure that the SOLVAs Partners can build up and maintain the required skill sets efficiently and effectively. Class-room trainings, free e-Learning facilities and on-site Partner trainings are all possible. These training programs have been designed by us together with our seasoned partners worldwide, meaning there will be a perfect match with real-client needs. SOLVA offers several options for training:

Classroom training: hands-on, instructor-led classes that combine lecture and exercises with real systems, processes, and SOLVA software.

Onsite training: Where and when needed additional onsite support can be obtained.

Supervised self-study: Study at your own time and at your own pace, while an experienced trainer is available for questions and helping out with exercises.

Materials: Download course materials directly from our online partnerportal.

technical support & professional services

Technical Support engineers are available for partners to get technical help with troubleshooting, design and implementation questions on all SOLVA and her 3rd partyproducts. SOLVA is offering development and deployment services to customers and partners by building, delivering and deploying software solutions.

Around-the-Clock Support for Maximum Availability and Reliability

At SOLVA, we know you rely on us to run your business. That’s why the SOLVA support team is available 24/7 with in-depth knowledge of SOLVAs technology. Whenever you need assistance, our support professionals are available to provide you with:

  • Up-to-date service and installation information on new releases
  • Advice on getting the most out of SOLVA technology
  • Answers to questions on current software versions
  • Timely responses and resolutions to inquiries and issues