Influencing the layout

It is important to have an optimal (store) layout in order to expose as many visitors as possible to promotional displays, products and shelves. Calculations are traditionally based on the number of sold products and location. But do you really know whether a poorly sold product is due to a bad layout? It is possible that many visitors walk past the product, but that the product is poorly presented. Solva helps you find this out. Our counting solutions are suitable for counting and tracking visitors, so you get an insight about when and where your customers are. By changing shelves and displays, you are able to influence the layout. After a certain period you can measure and compare data to find out whether your changes have been successful in order to increase sales.


Hotspots are the important spots in a building, store of shopping mall where a lot of visitors pass by. Hotspots are commercially used by placing promotional displays or hot items. Solva can help measuring these hotspots and determine the value.  Solva counting solutions precisely keep up the number of visitors who pass a hotspot. With this data, Solva software calculates the impact of a promotional display or calculates the value of the hotspot. Changing products, displays or changing the spot itself can be measured easily on a daily basis.


The attractiveness of a store is partly dependent on the planogram. A clear planogram ensures an optimal turnover. Purchases are often made based on presentation of products and shelves. By moving products and shelves, the impact can be measured and analyzed. Unfortunately, visitors passing by the shelves and products are often not taken into account. Maybe shelve 1 account for more visitors compared to shelve 2. By comparing shelves vs visitors or products vs visitors, comparing will be more accurate, you will get better insights and the possibility to arrange shelves more efficiently.