Public sector


Grants in the public sector are often depending on the number of visitors. Estimate the number of visitors based on ticket sales is possible, but what about visitors with a subscription or free events? By installing a Solva counting system, you are able to obtain accurate counting data. This counting data can submitted with a grant application to secure a full grant.

 Occupancy level

Are computers being used efficiently? Count the number of visitors in computer rooms and analyze the capacity and total use. The counting data can also be used to visualize the data in real-time throughout the building to inform visitors about the current occupancy level.

Daily traffic

How many people are walking through allies and past cafeterias?  How many visitors are walking past the promotional display? You will get an accurate insight by counting continuously. This information can be crucial for safety or can be used for promotional activities.

Colleges and universities

  • Is the cafeteria occupied? Let your students know if it’s busy or quite.
  • Which toilets are used more frequently? Apply your cleaning staff more effectively.
  • How many students are currently in a lecture room?
  • Which lights can be turned off in a unused lecture room?


  • Secure a grant application by submitting accurate counting data
  • What are the hot spots in the museum? Make sure the security knows
  • Measure the success of expositions


  • Which doors are used most frequently? Adjust your information services to the busiest doors
  • Which days are the busiest days? Deploy your staff more efficiently.


  • Measure toilet use to increase cleaning effectiveness
  • Does everyone wash her or his hands? Ensure that hygiene is at a desirable level
  • Count the number of door movements in an operating room