Public Transport

Our customers include rail vehicle and bus manufacturers, public transport services and public transport authorities all over the world. They trust our proven products and systems for capturing transport-relevant information. Solva service is a one-stop-shop. We design, implement and support our people counting solutions.

Solva has developed dedicated solutions for public transport to

  • Identify peak times and determine the occupancy of terminals
  • Improve staffing schedules to be more in line with actual passenger volume
  • Measure high season and off season traffic and allow long term planning
  • Monitor trends in usage and ridership.
  • Reallocate resources to fit actual demand passenger loads
  • Improve passenger satisfaction and maintenance staff management
  • Know where to add or eliminate service.
  • Measure marketing and promotional successes by tracking increases or decreases in people traffic
  • Automate reporting
  • Analyze data at different levels

People Counter For Bus

Solva Bus Passenger Counting System is designed for transit bus fleets to obtain realtime and accurate passenger quantity information. This innovative solution can provide data raw or blended with accurate station identification, real-time traffic, summary reports and others. Accurate records with specific arrival time, specific vehicle, exact passenger numbers, detecting fraud in public transport and so on. SOLVA’s data is crucial to effectively drive the whole process.

  • Reduce use of false or no tickets
  • Improved customersatisfaction by online insight occupancy next vehicle
  • Stops: skip, move, use or eliminate?
  • Optimize performance with reliable ridership figures – every single day.
  • Performance analysis and slow traffic zone identification.

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People Counting For Airports

Airports as busiest places in the world, need the best technology available in order to operate effectively. Passenger safety and satisfaction are the main concerns of airport authorities worldwide. Airports having many entrances, traffic flow from each entrance is crucial to understand and to optimize flow and increase passenger satisfaction. Solva combines sensor technology and intelligent software to provide accurate and real-time passenger traffic flow data for management and planning.

  • Optimize queuing for fastest embarking
  • Track passenger journeys
  • Optimize staffing, customer services and security based on traffic predictions
  • Determine popular areas , analyze hot and cold spots based on customer flow
  • Measure occupancy of floors and zones in real-time

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People Counter For Train, Metro and Railway

The SOLVA solution can can easy be integrated with on-board information systems or operate on its own dedicated architecture. It allows collection of statistic information related to passengers, with very high reliability and extreme adaptability to different settings and environmental conditions. The sensors are installed above the doors, where they detect in and going people. The sensordata is sent raw or blended with other on board vehicle information.

Solvas Automated people counting data is crucial to effectively drive the whole process.

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