Number of people in an area

It can be important to count visitors during events or in buildings for safety reasons.  A maximum number of visitors per safety guard is easily to calculate with a Solva counting solution.

Number of lifeguards

It is required to have 1 lifeguard guarding a certain amount of people in swimming pools, public areas like beaches, festivals or events. Solva helps you determine in real-time how many visitors are present in certain areas in the swimming pool. You not only have real-time counting data, but the counting data can be used easily afterwards to optimize your staff planning. At a glance you notice the busiest days and hours in order to deploy your lifeguards more efficiently.

These questions will be answered if you use a Solva counting solution:

  • Can I make sure that a total amount of visitors will be allowed?
  • How much maintenance personnel do I need?
  • Do I have to worry if objects are being left behind?