Conversion rate

Traditionally conversion is measured by the amount of receipts, the number of sales and revenue. Increasingly, counting of visitors or customers is being used more frequently to calculate conversion. The number of visitors or customers is essential for a correct conversion calculation. Without using with visitors or customers in the conversion calculation, it is impossible to calculate revenue per visitor or customer. Revenue per visitor or customer is in particular important to know how your sales team performs. Integrate your POS system with a Solva counting solution and use the conversion ratio as an important KPI for your store and staff.

More and more businesses understand the benefits of a counting system to measure sales performance. Conversions will be clear and adjusting will be easy. It will be easy to determine your sales goals. It is possible that every Tuesday and Thursday between 12.00h and 14.00h. more customers are in the shop, but most of the staff is enjoying lunch. This costs sales. By knowing this, you can employ your employees more efficient.

Efficient processes

How can I make my processes more efficient? A Solva counting solution provides the answer. The Solva counting system shows bottlenecks in processes and provides insights in the optimization of processes.