Staff planning

Optimize staff planning

Measuring the effectiveness of your staff planning is difficult without counting your visitors. Counting visitors provides a deep insight in visitors’ patterns per week, per day and per hour. By comparing data and patterns, it will be easy to make visitor predictions based on days or even hours. Adjust and align your staff planning with visitor predictions and revenue per visitor will increase.

Motivate your staff

Unmotivated employees lead to bad customer service, absenteeism, badly involved employees and sales decrease. Unmotivated employees cost you money. A good reason to prevent this, of course.  Solva can help you by counting visitors or keeping track of the use of facilities. By involving your employees actively in the process and data and adjusting work schedules to peak hours, potential sales hours or efficient lunch hours, your employees will be more motivated and involved than before.

Deploy your employees efficiently

When do employees restock the store? How many times does the cleaning crew clean the toilets? Are there sufficient employees at the cash registers? Without insight in the number of visitors on certain days and hours, your staff planning will be based on rough predictions. Count your visitors and obtain a deep insight in order to make an efficient staff planning with precise predictions. Save staff costs and deploy your employees efficiently.

These questions will be answered if you start using a Solva counting solution:

  • What are the store peak hours?
  • How can I prevent long queues?
  • How can I anticipate on peak hours?
  • What are the best moments to deploy my cleaning staff?
  • How can I prove that I need more resources?
  • How do I reward my employees based on presence?
  • How can I organize my security staff most efficiently?